Mojiko Sea-glass Art

As an artist, I find that I am fascinated by this material, glass that has been worn by the force of the
ocean, or, as I call it, sea-glass.  Washed up with the waves, sea-glass is beautiful like a precious
stone, but taken out of this setting, it ceases to dazzle.  I asked myself for years if there wasn’t a
way to preserve that magical appearance.  This was 31 years ago in 1983.  On one occasion I
inadvertently placed some sea-glass over a light bulb and was amazed by the effect!  The look of
the light stimulated my imagination and I felt that I had really stumbled upon something big. This
wasn’t just the beauty of the light but the idea to start building lampshades out of sea-glass.  I just
could not forget the feeling I had the first time I shaped some sea-glass and gazed upon the light
filtered through it and will continue to make original ideas, designs and techniques.


                                                      Ryota Iwasaki